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 MISSION STATEMENT is a website made to offer anyone the opportunity to make their final arrangements the way they want it to be fullfilled.  

With your account you will provide your name and email along with the name/names and email(s) of the person you want in control of your arrangements after death.


Religeous or spirtiual ceremony.
What will be said and specify who you want to speak on your behalf or read your written words or both.

Choice of flower and or donations to your favourite cause.

Close out of social media with a final page and or video announcement

Last will and testiment along with living will and trust incase of emergency situation

Donation of organs and fee for taking them to be given to a loved one or special cause.

Barial or creamation or other optional choice: plastification, burial pod with seedling, coral reef contents, blasted into space, put into fireworks for final send off etc.