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Just as in life you can be common and basic or as unique as your total individuality. Too many people don't have wills and don't have a living will nor a trust.  Those people leave their loved ones to the hard decision of planning your last wish, Some not even knowing what your last wish would have been.  Don't be that person !

Plan your own funeral so that the grieving can just grieve and say goodbye without being responsible for anything that you can take care of ahead of time...  

Things to consider when planning your last wish...


Living Trust 

Hippa Release Form

Power of Attorney

Spouse or Partner Rights

End of Life Options


Do the research yourself when planning your living trust.   There are things to consider PREDEATH, POST DEATH AND INCAPACITATED OPTIONS.

Probate is expensive and so is doing nothing.   


Doing nothing is called Intestate and requires probate and the state to get involved.Wills are expensive and require probate to get involved.Living Trusts require NO PROBATE!!!  Wyoming is the best state to hold your trust in.  But don't take my word on it do the research.

We have found that Toby Mathis a prominant attorney has excellent videos on Youtube explaining this.


Living Trust

Free Revocable Living Trust - Download and Print | 100% Free


Avoid Probate and Save Time for Your Loved Ones by Creating a Revocable Living Trust. Free Online Living Trust Forms Available for Instant Download. Developed by Lawyers. A+ Rating - BBB. Easy Step-by-Step Process. Quality Forms Guaranteed.

‎Living Trust Template · ‎Revocable Living Trust · ‎Online Living Trust Forms · ‎Pour-Over Will


HIppa Release Forms

Free Printable HIPAA Form - Download Sample HIPAA Forms


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Power of Attorney

Power of Attorney (POA) Forms - Edit, Download & Print


Start your free Power of Attorney form now to appoint an agent to act on your behalf. Create your free personalized POA quickly and easily. Start Now! PDF &...

Durable Power of Attorney

Start your POA form to appoint an agent to act on your behalf

Create your POA

Free Power of Attorney (POA) Forms document


Spouse or Partner Rights

You might consider if you are not married to have a notorized form allowing hospital visitation among other things for your partner you want to be by your side in times of emergency.

Know the Law Relating to Couples Who Are Not Spouses › couples-who-are-...

Not all couples who live together meet the definition of spouse under BC's family law. Those who aren't considered spouses have some rights but not others.


End of Life Options

End Of Life Planning Guide - End Of Life Checklist


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